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Double Sided Grandidierite


Forbes has two lists for gemstones: Top Ten Rarest Gemstones and Top Ten Most Expensive Gems. Grandidierite is on both. It is a tri-chromatic stone, meaning the way the light plays in the stone can make the same stone appear a pretty seafoam green, to a delicate white, and into a deep blue-green. 

This artistic cross features 20 genuine Grandidierite gemstones on both sides, making this truly beautiful, regardless of which side you look.

Stunning, rare and soothing colors are beautiful. The setting is elegant and feminine. The carat weight is substantial.

Grandidierite Cross 2-Sided Pendant Necklace (20 in) in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 2.65 ctw Inv. G04260 120501PN (Compare at $919.99)

Madagascar Pink Sapphire

Madagascar Pink Sapphire Medium Cross 

The island country of Madagascar produces beautiful, bright Pink Sapphires. Set in Rose Gold over Sterling, you have pink on pink. Happy colors in a joyful infinity loop design. 

This Pink Sapphire piece is from our LIONESS COLLECTION

Madagascar Pink Sapphire Infinity Loop Cross Pendant Necklace (20 in) in Vermeil RG Over Sterling Silver 0.36 ctw Inv. S08062 32004 PN (Compare at $249.99)