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Intense colors...


Premium Moroccan Ruby

AA Premium Moroccan Ruby

Africa is home to stunning red rubies. You can talk about your fashion find! Here is 1.26 ctw of AA Premium Moroccan Ruby Lever Back Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver. Wear exotic rubies anywhere and look great. Only 1 pair available.

AAA Premium Moroccan Ruby Earrings in Platinum over Sterling Silver Inv. S13108 21701 E (Compare at $449.99)
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The Lioness Collection - Many Choices from Africa and beyond

Shine like Royalty

Royalty wore this color in ancient times - rich glowing colors of a sunrise, from heavenly gold to pale honey pink. They called the sunrise colors "Imperial." We have located Imperial gemstones for the LIONESS COLLECTION. This piece is: Ceylon Imperial Garnet, Cambodian Zircon Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver (Size 8.0) 2.45 ctw

Ceylon Imperial Garnet Size 8 Inv. S04290 9122501 R8 (Compare at $1099.99)
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More Ruby Earrings coming soon...

Mega carat!

Offering this new item to the LIONESS COLLECTION. Deep romantic red Niassa Ruby (ff) Set of Lever Back Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver. 

Ave 8.10 ctw

Niassa Ruby Earrings Inv. S11161 10302E (Compare at $669.99)
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Natural Beauty: Garnet

Cut, Clarity, Carat & Color

Garnets above many gemstones are famous for their color and clarity, usually available in sizable carat weight. Garnets were prized by kings and pharaohs, knights and religious figures because, in ancient times, treatments were simple. Garnets naturally come out of the ground nearly "eye clear." All agree on the beauty. A secret: many say garnets increase courage and hope.

4.73 ctw Rhodolite Garnet Cross Inv. S01175 9121612 PN (Compare at $329.99)
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Rhodolite Garnet Cross Pendant Necklace (20 in) in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 4.73 ctw

Orissa Rhodolite Garnet, Zircon Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver (Size 8.0) 3.15 ctw

Confidently Brilliant 

Garnet is rich, deep and clear. The Rhodolite Garnet has the classic purple-red tones that are deep and bold. Make your own fashion statement. Garnet, surrounded by an extra halo of 16 garnets, with 20 pure white zircon draping the sides of this platinum over Sterling Silver ring.

Garnet Ring Size 8 Inv. S01140 9120613 R (Compare at $619.99)
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