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Our bluest of blue gemstones hunted for their rarity and intense color.

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Blue Zircon, Garnet

Aquamarine, Sapphire

New Modern Hammered

BALI Crafted Turquoise & Sterling Statement

Rare Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 

New Acquisition! Here is a modern twist on the American Southwest's most famous gem, Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. A big look, modern and bold. Silversmiths from the island of Bali styled the silver and incorporated this favorite stone of Native American fine jewelry. Make a statement. Only 1 in stock.

Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in Sterling Silver Ring (Size 7) Inv. W07031 21407 R7 (Compare at $229.99)

Modern Southwest Artistry & Burtis Turquoise

Barter Series: Jewelry Designer James Burrell created this modern take on Southwest style. Featuring Certified Natural Burtis Turquoise / Cripple Creek Turquoise Ring (Size 9). The turquoise is mined by third generation, Native American miner who barters with the artists for turquoise from the famed North Star Mine in Colorado, featured in many gem magazines. 

Silver Stag acquired part of this collection at Tucson Gem & Mineral week.

Burtis Turquoise in Sterling Silver Ring (Size 9)

Mined in One Place - Tanzania

Tanzanite makes Forbe's Top Ten Rarest Gemstones list and you can experience the range of Tanzanite's violet blue color.

Shown: Tanzanite and White Topaz Lever Back Dangle Earrings in Vermeil Yellow Gold (YG) Over Sterling Silver 1.00 ctw

Tanzanite & Topaz Earrings Inv. W02055 9121415 (Compare at $319.99)


Sparkling Seas - Precious & Rare

Clearly Feminine, Light-Hearted, Genuine Blue Gemstone

Aquamarine is the unusually serene blue color of the ocean. Ancient mariners claimed it would calm waves and keep the wearer safe. A protection stone, warriors also wore these sea blue beryls in battles against foes and litigation.

Make a Statement

Espirito Santo Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire Elongated Ring in 14K YG and Platinum Over Sterling Silver (Size 10.0) 6.44 ctw

Aquamarine makes a great statement and draws attention. Aquamarines are celebrated in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and in the Smithsonian Institution. Find your statement piece here. This comfortable aquamarine cluster ring is framed in cascades of blue sapphires. Only 1 in inventory. Can be sized by jeweler.

Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire Ring Size 10 Inv. W08340 9112601 R10 (Compare at $1199.99)

She's a "One-of-a-Kind"

 The perfect gift for her is this one-of-a-kind, single-source turquoise: Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  

Turquoise, Spinel & Topaz: Ancient Gemstones in a Modern Design

Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Multi Gemstone Ring in Black Rhodium & Sterling Silver (Size 10.0) 3.49 ctw

Turquoise: the gemstone that ancients associated with joy and delight. 

Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring Size 10 Inv. W07099 9121331 R10 (Compare at $639.99)

Origins of Turquoise

Turquoise is a rare phosphate of copper that only forms in the earth’s most dry and barren regions. There are many forms of turquoise around the world, but none like that from the Arizona Sleeping Beauty Mine (now closed) nestled in the high desert. 

Blue on Blue

1/3 ctw Blue Diamonds with Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Pretty Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Blue Diamond (big 0.30 ct) Pendant Necklace (20 in) in Blue Rhodium & Platinum Over Sterling Silver 2.65 ctw

1/3 ct Blue Diamond & Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant Necklace Inv W07171 9112204 PN (Compare at $809.99)