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The stag-inspired collection features individually picked pieces. Photos are from design partner studios and world-class companies we work with to create the collection. Slight variations in individual pieces are expected. We have done our best to inspect each item for quality and functionality.

Emerald Earrings - Stunning Deals

Calming luxury. Rich green. Emeralds draw attention because you don't see them everyday. Be unique. Be bold.  Let the gorgeous, intense greens mesmerize your admirers as they accent your beauty. These Socoto Emeralds are from Brazil's famous Socoto mine.

Shown: Socoto Emerald, Zircon Drop Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 1.70 ctw

Socoto Emerald Drop Earrings 1.70 ctw Inv. G01145 11012 E (Compare at $769.99)

Luxury - Brazilian Emeralds from famed Socoto Mine

The STAG COLLECTION continues to portray the dewdrops on meadows where the great stags graze. Inspired by the moment when the sun strikes the gentle luster on the fields. For a few seconds, you see a spectacular sparkle only nature can produce. Our white gemstones speak to the rare moments when the heavens speak.

The STAG COLLECTION features genuine gemstones as pure and brilliant as her smile. There's something about her look that's enchanting.

White Topaz

Big Look. Big Savings. Cyclone cut white topaz ring has the look that makes people wonder if it's real. Yes. Our pricing makes this  7 carat stunner reachable. This unusual ring features clear white genuine white topaz in a rare cyclone cut, circled in a halo of white topaz. Taking the extravagant look beyond stunning, there are two more rows of white topaz that drape the shoulder of the ring. 

You are ordering Size 6: Cyclone Cut White Topaz Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver, 7.63 ctw (Scroll for more sizes)

White Topaz Ring G11120 9121609 R6 (Compare at $1037.99)

When They're Wearing Ties, You Blow Them Away With Style 

Zircon has immense fire. Watch today's top movies and the woman at the center of the action has noticeable sparkle that frames her face. Watch what's in and this stunning piece is 100% genuine zircon. Be confident in any role at any time in a piece that looks this good.

Natural White Zircon Y-Shape Necklace (18-20 in), Platinum over Sterling Silver 3.00 ctw

White Zircon Necklace G10121 9121320 N (Compare at $399.99)


Designers use zircon to bring out the best in their designs. Let zircon be your choice to dazzle others make a fashion statement. Add your favorite chain to this large dragonfly pendant.

Dragonfly Pendant with White Zircon, Russian Diopside and Ruby in Sterling Silver, 1.50 ctw 

Dragonfly Pendant G10190 9121604 P (Compare at $619.99)