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New Additions: SHUNGITE

Shungite comes from one place: Shun'ga, Russia, a place documented for healing springs and spas.

Our inventories vary each week, as SILVER STAG OUTLET negotiates deals and works to snag limited edition and last in inventory discounts for our shoppers. Not sure of the size that you're seeing? Check the measurement chart on the INFO tab at the top.

Shungite Facts

SILVER STAG OUTLET offers verified Shungite. 

We do not conduct research on Shungite. We rely on reports from gem publications.

Online catalog pictures represent the design. Your gems will have unique natural variations that make it a one-of-a-kind.

* Shungite tests are widely published in reports and available in books like Shungite, Protection, Healing and Detoxification.

  Our affiliation with one of the world's largest Shungite jewelry manufacturers ensures genuine gem-quality Shungite is used.